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About the Society

The Saudi Society for General Surgery was established by the decision of the Council of King Abdul Aziz University in its second meeting held on 11/8/1421 H.

Our Goals

1. Developing scientific thought in the field of general surgery and developing it. 2. Achieving scientific communication for the members of the Association. 3. Provide scientific advice in the field of specialization. 4. Develop the scientific and professional performance of the members of the Association.

Our Vision

Developing theoretical and applied knowledge, encouraging research and providing scientific and applied consultations and studies to the public and private sectors, in accordance with the provisions contained in the rules governing scientific societies in Saudi universities.

Our Mission

Facilitating the exchange of scientific production, ideas and scientific consultations in the field of the Association\'s interests among the concerned bodies and institutions inside and outside the Kingdom.

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Board of Directors

د.وائل طاشكندي

رئيس مجلس الأدارة

الدكتور وسام جمال

نائب الرئيس

د.اشرف مغربي

امين المال

د.عبدالرحمن العتيبي

عضو مجلس الأداره

د.خيال الخيال

عضو مجلس الأداره

د.عصام باتياه

عضو مجلس الأداره

د.محمد ناصف

عضو مجلس الأداره

د.يوسف العلاوي

عضو مجلس الأداره

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